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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reviews: Co Gai Xau Xi / Ugly Girl [Episodes 1-12]

Contributor & Written by: Kimmie Mai

I’m so excited writing this entry, because this is my first time watching a Vietnamese series with the greatest enthusiasm. It’s a romantic comedy, Co Gai Xau Xi (aka Ugly Girl). The acting is surprisingly awesome. Majority of the cast act naturally with little or no holding back, which is like the biggest breakthrough of the century already. Even the supporting cast entertains me so much. The mailman who likes to show off this brand name clothes, the women who don’t do much but gossip, the main guy’s bestfriend who will woo all the girls existed, or the homosexual fashion designer enrich the series as whole. As far as acting is concerned, I only dislike the actors of Phuong Trinh and Dong Duong. The ways they talk and act are annoying.

(click read more below to watch the complete episode videos...)

Anyway, these artistes can captivate me to their fullest extent need to thanks the storyline. There was no dragging introduction. The series begins with the immediate clash between the ugly girl and a model-like girl from the very beginning. One has the brain, and the other has the look. Obtaining the same position in the company, we want to see what happen to both of them. There are so many things going on with the leading male and his fiancee and other sub stories.

Once again, I love the bond between the female workers more and more. This series is a plus for me, especially when the jokes work very well. There is one or two things though. I need more time to get use with the thick Northern accent. At time I feel like I am listenning to a foreign language. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fluent in Vietnamese after finishing 169 (??) episodes of this in the next year or so. By the way, the male lead’s voice (Southern accent) is not romantic at all, but it sounds awesome when he’s being sarcastic. Hilarious! Finally, the elevator scenes are too fake to be true. Drop it. Overall, I LOVE THE SITCOM!!!!!!!!!

PS The ugly girl (by Ngoc Hiep?) looks cuter when she is ugly than in real life. hehe And gosh, I don’t have her brain but I have her dad.

About the Author:
Her name is Kimmie Mai but also go by Nhu Mai. She has been a huge Asian series and Viet music addict since 1995. You can check out her Endless Love Blog at http://kimmiemai.com/

You can watch the full Co Gai Xau Xi Episodes below:

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