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Friday, September 5, 2008

Bea Alonzo slips during fashion show - a Betty La Fea Moment!

Bea Alonzo hits the catwalk during the Metro Wear fashion show of Randy Ortiz last September 5, 2008. Bea Alonzo made an epic runaway walk of her lifetime when she accidentally slipped and fell down on the floor. Ironically, Randy Ortiz was escorting Bea Alonzo and quickly grabbed her up that moment and hugged her tightly - likely to show how deeply sorry he was about the "betty la fea" situation. For the first time, It has been a dream come true of Bea Alonzo to be a ramp model, so here it is -- welcome to the beautiful world of fashion and reality-bites-of-slippery-floors.

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itsme202 said...

Haha :)) Napanood ko nga din sa news toh eh :)) Sa TV Patrol din =)) Kahit na nag slip si bea she's still betty-ful!:D Love u idol!

melody0313 said...

that really happens sa mga live shows.. good for her na di xa nag-iisa, some other models had their kinda "embarassing" moment, to think they're super used to doing that.. & i don't think it's fair for Bea to acknowledge such as stupidity.. don't be cruel on urself.. ok lang yan, sobrang BETTY-FUL ka pa rin.. watch kami ILBLF on monday.. stay happy!

pervertsky said...

very betty-ful ang eksenang yun. buti na lang di cya nabalian

marlgurl said...

too much characterization! love it,b!

bluefairy13 said...

bka nman sa floor yan....ksi dmi din nadulas eh

fayebettina said...

LOL!!! What a coincidence! "I Love Betty la Fea" will start airing this Monday, September 8. Even the background music makes it seems like it was part of one of the Betty la Fea episodes. I guess the role of Betty has gotten a lot on Bea.

chil182 said...

bluefairy13 said
>>"bka nman sa floor yan....ksi dmi din nadulas eh"

yep sa floor po un

alohahawii said...

cute nga eh!!!hinde naman maiwasan yan.

Anonymous said...

cute nga eh... dami naman yata nadulas din eh...

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