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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seperated at Birth: Lynda Carter "Wonder Woman" and Ana Maria Orozco "Betty La Fea"

I don't know how Ana Maria Orozco (the original Betty), would look like fighting in a super hero flick and wearing red white and blue skimpy clothes, but whenever I see her transformation in Yo soy Betty, la fea, I think that this should be how different Wonder Woman should be from her alter ego Diana Prince. She's gorgeous and would give such realism to both sides of the character. For once, it would make sense that people wouldn't recognize Diana when she'd turn into Wonder Woman.


sirlizard said...

I've always found it to be a bit ridiculous that nobody ever recognized Clark Kent or Diana Prince just because they'd taken their glasses off. Or even Zorro with his mask. It's not like you can't recognize a person by other features. I guess with such stories you already have to suspend your disbelief about so many other things, like super powers or skills, that it shouldn't be too difficult to get over the nonsense about the glasses.

flashmojo said...

Maybe it's not the glasses, it's definitely the superhero's eye watering colored briefs over their super tight pants that are too distracting to have a chance to recognize Clark is superman.

sirlizard said...

Yeah, I guess someone wearing his underwear on the outside would be distracting enough to keep anyone from noticing his face.

flashmojo said...

wonder woman is such an amazonian goddess anyone will be hypnotized by her flawless beauty. How about batman?...even if he's hiding his face with a mask, you'll still know he's the well-known playboy "bruce wayne" because of his infamous nipple suit(in reference to batman & robin movie)...haha for a joke :)

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