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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wanna be Betty La Fea?

By : Joey Francis Cruz III
Source YEHEY! Contributors

Yehey! Entertainment quizzed the ABS-CBN Star Magic members who are in the cast of the high-rating comedy series “I Love Betty La Fea” if they would like Betty in real life and here are what they have to say:

Wendy Valdez: “No, I just want to be pretty, but I do want to be smart too.”

Maegan Young: “I used to be like Betty, used to have braces, and I still wear glasses, my hair was not this good. I have astigmatism and I am nearsighted so I wear prescription glasses. In fact, my uncle used to call me Betty.”

Kristel Moreno: “Yep, it's okay. She has a good heart, she is loving, and she has perfect manners. She is a nerd, yes, but I don't see any problem with that.”

Jayson Gainza: “Oo naman, madaling pakisamahan, matalino. Pag wala ka ginawang [school] project, malalapitan mo siya”

Joem Bascon: “It's okay for me to have a girlfriend like Betty. She is smart, and that makes up for the lack of physical beauty. I don't look for physical beauty. It's about being witty, smart, and how you carry yourself.”

Thou Reyes: “I want a person with a Betty-ful heart inside out. It's all about attitude and self-confidence. You can change your wardrobe, but your morals and ethics, that's within you. It is good that a lot of people see themselves in Betty.”

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akosijuliekyut said...


itsme202 said...

loser ng sagot ni Wendy Valdez!L-)

xiaov31 said...


faithpure said...

i agree with the comments of kristel, jayson, joem and thou. what's important is the inner beauty. when your heart and your mind are beautiful, people will love you for real... will love you for who you are and not for how you look... for them you're the most beautiful person.
check out my blog about inner beuty:

ahemstar said...

its your inner beauty that matters! :)

cameytorrey25 said...

ang kulit!!!

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