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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Peep at Bea Alonzo’s Peak

by Bobby T. Yalong
Source: asianjournal.com

Learning the ropes of the trade at an early age unexpectedly developed movie aspirant Bea Alonzo’s (baptized Fhylbert Angellie Fagestrom) aspiration to someday make it big in the topsy-turvy world of make-believe that is showbusiness. Since her dreamy days of youthful wishes, young Bea’s focus had been to enter the movies. Her treaded path was instantly paved for her by a known fashion designer who spotted her in one of the small-town beauty contests she joined and after a talent manager introduced her to Channel 2’s talent honcho, her inclusion in Star Circle Batch 10 opened the doors to all opportunities awaiting her. From there, Bea gradually attained what she had since wished for --- to be a big time star!

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Bea Alonzo may look contentedly happy, affluently classy, and unapproachably elite but this façade is exactly the opposite of what’s deep inside her. The harrowing memories of the youthful years buried a lingering bitter past that she holds inconspicuously within… giving her enough strength to take up whatever challenge comes her way… giving her the shield when reality befalls her… serving as the much-needed stepping stone for her to aim high… and lifting her spirit to attain the goals she always dreamt about.

The untimely separation of her mother from her British father when she was barely four years old fueled her helpless innocence from an almost dying ember into a huge conflagration. Her young dreams were almost aborted and her frail life, shuttered. But she managed to collect all the hopes she could muster and threw away all her fears. Dauntless and focused, the young Bea was made mature by her faith and a firm grasp to her destiny… and the realization of her dreams came true during the time when she least expected it. Call it fate… call it coincidental… but who could argue with destiny when it was bound to happen?

From the darkest shadows of her jilted past Bea draws her inspiration and the needed emotion everytime the situation calls for it. “I feel like having a bank of sentimentalities where I can withdraw any mood that I need… and it works effectively well in my favor!”

Her thespian ability was put to test, when at age 15, she was assigned the role of a lawyer in a TV drama series, “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay.” Call it sheer luck or she must have really exerted the best efforts to deliver what was expected of her… and a Best Actress nomination from the PMPC All Star Awards paid off all her hard work and seriousness in her craft. The reward for her immeasurable dedication to what she loves doing best guttered out the ill feeling that occasionally refluxes. Slowly, she redeems the self-esteem and confidence she almost lost.

Pairing her opposite debonair John Lloyd Cruz, Channel 2’s male bet in the dramatic genre, inevitably established a loveteam that attracted the biggest following among the studio’s roster of teamed talents. Aside from the teleserye that fervidly developed their unshakable team-up like “It Might Be You”, Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin”, and “Maging Sino Ka man”, the movies like “My First Romance”, “Now That I Have You”, “Close To You”, “All About Love” and “One More Chance”, played vital elements to make the partnership more solid and their box-office appeal even much stronger.

Because Bea is by nature adventurous and capable of doing whatever she knows she could and to prove her star status as a versatile performer, aside from her already proven acting and dancing skills, she utilizes her vocal cords to the fullest… earning for herself a debut album aptly entitled “The Real Me”, released under Star records. Not a few wannabe singers, and even established recording talents in and out of her Mother Studio, got intimidated and insecure with Bea’s soulful renditions of almost every cut in the album. Her vocal range transcends the common level of a recording newbie, making her sound like a long-time pro in the field. This marked another epoch not only in her life but in the tin-pan alley, as well. Every sentimental journey back to her fateful yesteryears effectively unleashes her diverse emotions making “The Real Me” honestly giving away the real Bea.

It is quite surprising for such a not-so-mature actress to deliver a gamut of emotions coupled with her innate acting intensified by précised movements and complex internalization. “She acts with the intensity of a veteran even if she’s actually a relative greenhorn!” That’s Phil. Star columnist Ricky Lo commenting. But for Director Don Cuaresma, here’s what he has to say: “She has the mass appeal of Sharon Cuneta, the intensity of Maricel Soriano and the acting range of Lorna Tolentino!”

Bea Alonzo has pride herself with a string of awards she garnered from various award-giving bodies specially citing and commending her for her acting performances, unprecedented popularity, box-office stature and having a well-patronized loveteam. Some awards are the “2007 Box-office Queen”, “2007 USTV Students Choice Best Actress Award”, “2006 Princess of Phil. Movies” and “2006 Most Popular".

Like any other celebrity who have earned their names and have been considered top crowd-drawers and moneymakers, Bea Alonzo did not escape the advertisers’ meticulous eyes and impeccable scrutiny. She’s likewise considered to endorse a number of products in print and her face landed in the fad-growing billboard advertisements.

With a number of films credited to her name (about eight in all as of this writing) and a slew of television appearances either as a lead actress or merely a guest (a little over thirty and still counting), Bea Alonzo has definitely made herself felt in the business she has always dreamt of belonging. Her stint may still be considerably short but her name was already successfully carved in Philippine show business portals and a future legacy has a ready niche even at this early. And by leaps and bounds, Bea Alonzo is undoubtedly at her career’s peak!

Image: Bea Alonzo.com

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