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Friday, July 11, 2008

Jojo Alejar starts afresh through Betty La Fea

By Rachelle Siazon
Source: ABS-CBNNews.com

Jojo Alejar is bound to spice up Betty La Fea with his hilarious antics which are so in tune with his wacky personality. He even makes the team of ABS-CBN.com laugh as he describes his role for the show. “I play Mac Olarte. I’m supposedly one of the bosses for Eco Moda and Daniela is my love interest. Si Ruffa (Guitierrez) naman yun. My character is so in love with someone na hindi naman siya pinapansin—na hindi nangyari sa akin kahit kelan (dahil habulin ako ng chicks),” Jojo quips.

Seriously though, Jojo Alejar feels great to be a part of a huge project like Betty La Fea, originally a Colombian series which has been re-produced in over 13 countries worldwide.Add to the fact that he’s going to work with a star-studded cast who are famed for their gift of gab like Ai-Ai delas Alas and Vhong Navarro. To be paired up, in a sense, with someone as stunning as Ruffa is of course a big plus. “Yun palang nakakatawa na. Medyo off yata kaming dalawa kasi ang tangkad-tangkad ni Ruffa. Although ever since, I’ve always been into taller women,” says Jojo.

Would it be impossible then for him to fall in love with an uncomely girl like Betty?“You know, beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. So I would say that it’s very possible for me to fall in love with someone like Betty. Lalo na kung makikita mo na, ‘uy may potential ‘to.’ Huwag naman panget na panget. Yung presentable naman. Kumbaga sa kotse eh konting linis mo lang, konting retoke lang, okay na eh.Nung bata ako, all for looks ako. Balewala sa akin maski bobo ka. Basta ang importante trophy girlfriend yung dating mo. Pero medyo nung nagka-edad na ako konti, secondary na yung beauty.”

Speaking of his heydays, this former 80’s matinee idol—from the now defunct show That’s Entertainment—also talks about how different TV production works now compared to his time.“Ito (role in Betty La Fea), I had to do a series of interviews and a series of make-up tests which are actually very good, very professionally done. It was based on the merits that you have which will suit the character you have to portray. Hindi ka lang kinuha because sikat ka or what. Basically, you have to earn the part eh.”

Jojo admits that acting had been “more like a hobby than a source of income” for him back when he was one of the sought-after stars in the biz. But he has learned from his mistakes and is now determined to be more passionate and focused with his craft. More than anything else, it’s humbling to see someone who’s not afraid to acknowledge his fall from grace and ultimately, is willing to start all over again. Proof of this is how he comically introduced himself to his Betty La Fea co-stars, “Hi, I’m Jojo A. Yung laos na sumisikat na ulit.” Is it really okay for him to make fun of his past? “Oh yeah. Unang-una, totoo naman; dating glamour boy na feeling glamour boy pa rin. Ganun talaga, andami nang gwapo, andami nang bata. I’m able to laugh with and at myself naman eh.”

But his years of hiatus from showbiz weren’t spent idly. In fact, he was chief of staff to Congressman Ed Zialcita of Paranaque before he returned to acting in 2004. A Political Science graduate from UST, Jojo advises today’s young stars to arm themselves with a good education to help secure their future. “They should cherish whatever projects they are given now. Be responsible and focused with their craft. And always remember that education is still the best fallback when the going gets tough.”

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