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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sheryn Regis, a comedienne at heart

By Rachelle Siazon

Multi-awarded singer Sheryn Regis ventures into her first long-running TV project as she joins the star-studded cast of I Love Betty La Fea.

After establishing a niche in the music industry, Sheryn dabbles into acting again following her dual role in the mini-series Love Spell Presents: Cindyrella in 2007. This time, she will play the role of Kylie, one of Betty’s defenders, who gets dumped by her boyfriend in favor of a statuesque girl. “Dito sa story, tuturuan ako ni Betty na maging confident at maintindihan na hindi lang height ang basehan pagdating sa pagmamahal. Dapat hayaan mong mahalin ka kahit sino ka pa,” Sheryn excitedly reveals to ABS-CBN.com

The singing diva gushes that she was surprised when she first learned that she was personally chosen to become a part of the show. It had been a year since she played a fairy godmother/witch in Cindyrella and she’s really eager by now to start working on a full-blown drama-comedy soap.“This is gonna be a great challenge for me in terms of dealing with people for a long period of time, making friends with them... I’m very excited and a little nervous. People have lots of expectations because I’m a singer, ‘Ay kaya kaya niya?’ Well kakayanin ko talaga. Kaya nga ako ang pinili nila diba?”

Since most people only know her as a strong belter from her regular stint in ASAP, she also wants them to discover the lighter side of Sheryn Regis in I Love Betty La Fea, “Kung ano ako. Yung ma-interact, ma-prangka pero hindi naman maldita. Ang nakikita sa akin ng tao diva-diva, serious-serious. Well, hindi ako serious sa totoong buhay!”

Given that the story revolves around a place of work where beauty is in and ugliness is out, Sheryn can’t help but compare it to how superficial others can be particularly in the world of show business. “Like my character Kylie, naranasan ko na in real life na mapintasan dahil maliit ako. Pero okay lang kasi marunong naman ako kumanta at cute rin naman. So hindi naman naging hindrance yung height ko sa pag-rise ng career ko.”

More importantly, Sheryn’s perception of beauty lies beyond what can be seen with the eyes, but that which is felt inside one’s heart. “Ang tunay na maganda ay yung taong maganda ang ugali, knows how to deal with people around her, and sa feelings nila.Nobody is perfect but if she have those qualities, she can be really beautiful.

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