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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John Lloyd Cruz plays his opposite

By Bot Glorioso
Source: www.philstar.com

John Lloyd Cruz is not expecting it to happen so soon. That is, to be teamed up again with Bea Alonzo after starring in A Very Special Love with Sarah Geronimo that green lighted the plan for them to do projects away from each other’s shadows. It also somehow put to an acid test John Lloyd’s (but not yet for Bea) bankability with another screen partner.

But their tandem seems unbreakable as they will be paired anew on ABS-CBN’s latest upcoming TV series I Love Betty La Fea.

“And I never thought it would be this big (the project). Actually, it was never an intention to break our love team but to see what we can do individually or show that we can have other partners,” John Lloyd says.

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Besides, their six-year team up has already created a strong foundation too tough to break due to the overwhelming support John Lloyd and Bea are getting. The two starred in the heart-wrenching love stories and feel good movies My First Romance, Now That I Have You, Close to You, All About Love, One More Chance, Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay and Maging Sino Ka Man Book 1 & 2.

This time, televiewers will see them in a light comedy with a little touch of drama where John Lloyd looks at his character as one big challenge. He is the exact opposite of Armando Solis, the sports-minded, ladies’ man boss and love interest of Bea’s Betty La Fea. He, too, is much younger than the character played by Jorge Enrique Abello in the Colombia TV series.

But like a soldier following orders from his commander, John Lloyd welcomes the challenge of living up to the role.

“Honestly, medyo nangangapa ako. I’m starting from scratch because I didn’t get to watch any Betty La Fea episode. But since this is given to me whether I like it or not, I will do my responsibility whole-heartedly or kung di man sa umpisa, I will definitely make my way to do it. Kung ano ang ibigay, tanggap,” John Lloyd shares.

And he will do anything and everything as far as acting is concerned including playing a gay role and some nudity, if needed. This, John Lloyd feels, would show his worth more as an actor.

“It’s one of the roles I really like to do and I wish to portray as many characters as possible given the fact that actors have short life span,” he says.

He wouldn’t have second thoughts, too, especially if he is to work with Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos and direk Olive Lamasan under Star Cinema in his next movie. Here, he plays the lover of Vilma’s gay son. Shooting of some scenes will start in New York come November. Luis Manzano might play the gay son.

And if ever the part goes to Luis, would John Lloyd feel awkward doing some intimate scenes with him?

“Okay naman chest nya, gusto ko yung masarap yakapin,” John Lloyd quips.

Kidding aside, John Lloyd admits to be feeling butterflies in his stomach when cameras start grinding for the love scene. But as long as he is secure with his gender, John Lloyd says he can do the scene with any actor.

“I know Star Cinema (producer of the movie) won’t exploit its actors. This is just a portrayal of life,” relates John Lloyd.

A role that others may deem too drab or too ordinary is what John Lloyd also feels would fulfill him as an actor. He thinks playing Juan dela Cruz is harder than portraying a psycho killer or rapist.

“I want to show how guys in their 20s or 30s deal with life. Do they experiment with sex, drugs, marriage or whatever? That for me is something,” John Lloyd says.

It would make a big difference too, John Lloyd says, if he is able to continuously share whatever blessings he has the way he did when he visited the less privileged recently.

“I guess it comes with age. You are looking for a deeper purpose in life. Reaching to others and seeing their faces light up give me a different kind of high,” John Lloyd declares.

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