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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet the Pengson Family in I Love Betty La Fea

La Familia Pengson

Beatriz "Betty" Pengson
Betty is loved by her family. She in turn, will do anything and everything for them.
Watch out for in the show is when Betty's family uncovers a deception that she pulled
off "in the name of love".

Hermes Pengson
Betty's father will be played by veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez, who takes on the role
of a "houseband" for the first time in his career. His attitude borders on being
over-protective toward his daughter and fears the day that Betty will fall in love.

Julia Pengson
AiAi delas Alas plays Betty's mother Julia Pengson. In her eyes, her husband Hermes
can do no wrong. She believes that is not impossible for Betty to find her Prince

Andrew Pengson
Betty's younger brother is to be played by Sam Concepcion. He stands out from the rest of
Familia Pengson as he appears to be a black sheep of the family.

...And as in most fairytales--despite of trials and misunderstanding--and La Familia Pengson is definitely one -- they live happily ever after.

Photo Album La Familia Pengson Promo Plug

Courtesy of ilovebettylafea.multiply.com and www.abs-cbn.com.

Source: StarStudio Magazine


shutter happy jenn said...

In the original Betty La Fea, does she really have a younger brother? I have watched the Colombian and the Mexican versions and I cannot recall she had a brother.

flashmojo said...

You are right, In the original version, Betty has no so siblings at all as well as the Mexican's. But on "Ne daj se, Nina," croatias's version, Nina has a brother "Davor" and is obsessed with fashion which is quite similar to US Ugly Betty's nephew Justin. On upcoming Poland's version called "Bryzdula", Ula has a 17 year old brother named Aleks but is not obsessed with anything, just a regular brother i guess.

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