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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Question & Answer: The Brain Behind "I Love Betty La Fea" Ecomoda Manila Set

An Exclusive Interview with Nerbert John Ku
by: ilovebettylafea.blogspot.com

Nerbert John Ku is 30 years old, BS in Architecture graduate of Saint Louis University and he have been working for 5 years now with Dream Weavers Visual Exponents ABS-CBN as a Set and Production Designer. His expertises are in architectural designs, interior designs, set design, production design, art direction and artworks.

1. Can you tell us how do you brainstorm in designing a set. How do you handle an artist block.

What I usually do is I study the show’s theme, concept then from there I derive my designs.
With the Betty La fea set, I envisioned this to be modern, classy and hip so I started working with schematic drawings, sketches, perspectives and scale model for the ECOMODA MANILA set with the supervision of Mr Edmund Ty - President of Dream Weavers, Ms. Beth Syte - Head Consultant and with the help of Pags Dela Cruz my Associate. Designer. After finishing all designs we sought for approval of the finished works to the Production Team of the show, as the Set Designer of the show I presented my work to Chris Echker the Production Designer of Betty La Fea to match his art direction on the set.

This is what I envisioned and presented the set would be:
  • A unique design for an advertising agency, a clean ambience and conducive planning for this office and will highlight every area of the office with its accent shades of pink, blue, and lime
  • Every office or area should match with the character of each cast.
  • Since the office will be used on TV, I made sure that the camera will capture every single detail of the office.
  • An artists block? Hahaha lagi ngyayari sakin yan specially if I’m pressured, yung tipong ngayon palang binigay sayo yung requirements tapos kailangan na mamaya if not bukas? What I usually do is I go to kitchen, make a cup of coffee...then watch a movie while savouring and taking a sip....kahit anong palabas basta may naririnig lang ako...I’m not in the sofa or where else relaxing but instead in-front of my table while doing my stuff....then viola! Balik work na...ganun kasimple...isa lang gusto ko, walang mangungulit! Kaya laging may nakasabit sa work area ko, WALANG LALAPIT!!! Hahahaha
2. Prior to designing Ecomoda set, what other tv/movie sets you have worked on

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I started my work in ABS-CBN on the noon time show MTB Ang Saya saya and had the chance to work with Mr. M as my Director, I also did the Kapamilya-variety station ID entitled otso-otso, also designed opening numbers, segment game shows at MTB
Then followed by the show BORA sitcom with the hunks
Next is Pbb celebrity edition
Then homeboy,
-quizon avenue
-home along the airport
-thats my doc
-dreamboy the movie
-be bench the model search and also the grand finals staged in Araneta.
And the upcoming gag show, banana split with Kristine Reyes, Angelica Panganiban, Roxxane Guinoo and Valerie Conception.

3. What's your inspiration behind the Ecomoda set. How does it feel to work on this big budgetted project.

My inspiration in doing and designing this set is visualizing myself working in this office as the President of the company. As if I own this advertising agency office. Most of what I did on this project is the product of my own heart in designing.

Doing this project was a big opportunity for me to express my skills in designing...”Maswerte lang ako dahil I can see my work in TV” hearing all the compliments coming from the bosses, the staff and crew, mga artista, the viewers was already an accomplishment for me....A big fulfilment na parang ayaw ko ng matapos.

4. Can youn share with us an interesting or funny anecdote while working on Ecomoda Set

It was during my design stage... when I was told by my boss that i’ll be doing this project naghanap agad ako ng dvd copy ng ugly betty since wala pang available na series ng yosoy betty la fea....after watching the series, I was so excited to design the office especially for betty since sya ang bida to find out iba pala plot ng story....what I did since sya ang bida....ginandahan ko ang pagkaka design ng magiging office nya (betty) in between Armando’s office and Danielas office...sa pinaka gitna ng ecomoda office....yun pala isa syang api nasa storage room lng sya ng office ni Armando....at hindi kita from the outside...masama loob ko noon ayaw ko baguhin design ko nung pinaparevise na kasi hindi match sa story line.....hahaha feeling ko maganda na layout ko nun for bety’s office...ngayon abangan nyo nalang final layout hanapin nyo office ni betty kung pano at saan nailocate...... =)

5. Among the I Love Betty La Fea Characters, which characters you can relate most besides Betty and why?

-Armando Solis, because I also dream of having my own company, a few years from now I will also be the president of my own company, dealing with different people, closing big projects, and designing for elite group of companies. Yun lang, aside from that hindi naman ako mang aapi ng panget...hahaha

6. What advise can you give to budding interior designers.

Expose your self... Do everything for you to stand out. In this field you have to dream big para di ka mapag iwanan...There are lots of good designers out there, you have to establish yourself and mark your works with your own style and syempre your own design. Be competitive enough para mamalayan mo nalang sa sarili mo na....proud kana pala sa mga things/projects na na accomplish mo but still leave some space for suggestions and/or comments that will help you grow more and be the best that you can be.

Note: Thank you very much Nerbert John Ku for accommodating us for this exclusive interview. You can visit his multiply site at http://yohahn01.multiply.com for more photos and videos of his previous and con-current projects. Please ask permission before posting or using the article/photo/video in other websites.
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