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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sam Concepcion balances showbiz, singing and school work

Source: www.ABS-CBN.com

Sam Concepcion was in high spirits when ABS-CBN.com caught up with him. He had just finished promoting his version of the single Kung Fu Fighting which was included in the original soundtrack of the Dreamworks movie Kung Fu Panda. "It was really fun doing it. Shooting the video was really, really cool. Sobrang saya. And the movie itself was so fun," he recalled.

The 15-year-old high school student is currently enrolled in a computer-based home school program as a 10th grader in the Alpha Omega Academy. "We decided to do this to make my schedule more flexible for me. But it’s really fun. I really like studying and it’s my first time to be home schooled. I have five subjects. I enjoy knowing more about world history and Spanish the most," he explains. Education, is still considered a priority for this rising star as he has also been doing school tours in relation to his appointment by the Philippine's Department of Education as the newest Youth Role Model and Spokesperson.

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When he’s not busy with schoolwork or showbiz obligations, Sam likes staying at home watching TV or rehearsing his songs by himself. "If I don’t stay in the house, I’m probably hanging out with my friends from Trumpets or High School Musical. We like to go malling or just visiting each other’s houses," he says. The teen idol also has his share of celebrity crushes, but prefers good singers over actresses or models. "I really like JoJo. I think she’s the best 17-year-old singer and she’s really, really good. Locally, I think Nikki Gil has a beautiful voice. I tend to like girls who can sing, dance, and perform well," he shyly confesses.

Sam also joins the cast of I Love Betty La Fea in the role of Andrew, the younger brother of Betty. The teen actor is excited to be able to work with Bea Alonzo, Vhong Navarro, and most of the other members of the cast for the very first time. Sam has also been promoting his self-titled album Sam Concepcion under Universal Records which was repackaged with music videos.

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