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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thanks to girlfriend, John Lloyd Cruz now a spiffy dresser

by: Ethel Ramos (Studio Whispers)

Source: www.malaya.com.ph

JOHN Lloyd Cruz looked every inch the executive when he met with the members of the movie press, who were invited to view his elegantly furnished office in the advertising agency, Eco Moda Manila. He was in a suit which didn’t only become him but also enhanced his looks.

All of those present agreed that since John Lloyd’s romantic liaison with Preview magazine editor Liz Dy, his fashion sense has improved tremendously.

How much has Liz influenced him, fashion wise?

"Very much," answered John Lloyd. "Although I really love clothes, para sa akin, hindi kailangan bago at mamahalin ang damit for one to look good. Kailangan lang bagay ito sa may suot at alam din nitong dalhin ang kanyang suot."

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As Armando Solis in the teleserye, "Betty la Fea," John Lloyd is the big boss of Eco Moda. Thus, he needs not just to be a neat and good dresser but he has to epitomize geniality and gentility. He has to exude a "kakaibang" allure.

Handsome, smart and educated, Armando knows his assets. But he also has his bad traits. He is a certified chick boy and somewhat arrogant.

Betty, played by Bea Alonzo, is Armando’s exact opposite. She and her family live a hand-to-mouth existence, unlike Armando, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It was through sheer patience and with the support of her parents that she was able to finish her studies.

Betty is also kind-hearted, hardworking and is always smiling and happy. Though far from being good-looking, she knows she will succeed.

"I’m so glad that Lloydie (John Lloyd’s pet name) is playing Armando. Like in out past team-ups, alam kong we will again make it," said Bea.

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