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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Unilever turns Ugly Betty "Chou Nu Wu Di" into China brand vehicle

by: Ella Fitzsimmons
Source: Brand Republic

BEIJING - Unilever’s partnership with Beijing Nesound and Hunan Satellite TV’s remake of classic telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea - which in its US incarnation spawned the hit show Ugly Betty - is hoping to inject renewed vigour into the multinational’s famed Dove brand in China and sister brands Clear and Lipton’s Milk Tea.

While dramas in China usually only run for three months, the series is set to run for five seasons with over 500 episodes, making this Unilever’s most extensive content initiative globally.

The brand campaigns will be closely aligned with an integrated push leading up to the launch of the show in September, as suspense builds over who will play the title character of Betty.

The actress, who is reputedly being hidden from the public until the launch of the show, lies at the centre of the run-up campaign, which has already included an official opening by the governor of Hunan.

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Though Dove’s ‘Campaign for real beauty’ has been very popular elsewhere in the world among feminists and consumers alike, it has struggled to gain traction in China’s booming beauty industry. The Chinese version of Ugly Betty is expected to remain more true to the original’s idea of Betty being distinguished by her inner - or ‘real’ - beauty.

“This version will continue to ask the questions ‘What is confidence? What is beauty?’ while being more romantic,” said Mateo Eaton, managing director at MindShare Performance which is working with Unilever. Characters will be associated with products, both in the actual show and through use in advertising around the show. Betty’s character will be associated with Dove while her boss, Fernando, will be associated with Clear.

Anthea Foong, associate planning director at MindShare Performance said: “Betty has a beautiful heart, which makes her a really good fit with Dove. But anti-dandruff shampoo Clear, which was launched in China last year, is aimed at a primarily male, urban audience.

“Lipton’s Milk Tea fits well too, because they will be taking tea breaks in the office,” said Foong, adding that the show will emphasise improved moods among Betty and her colleagues following tea breaks. Unlike the US version, where Betty works at fashion magazine Mode, the Chinese Betty will work at an advertising agency.

“This offers a natural integration with different products,” said Eaton. Future products are rumoured to include high-end watches, such as Patek Philippe.

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