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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Love Betty La Fea Episode 3: Betty gets hired

Betty gets hired.
Episode 3ISeptember 10, 2008
Source: www.abs-cbn.com

The call from Eco Moda comes through just when Betty’s about to tell her parents that she didn’t get the job. Apparently, incumbent President Roberto Solis has interfered on the hiring of Armando’s secretary. The latter’s string of affairs with his secretaries in the past is widely known in the office and Roberto wants to put a stop it now that his son is about to take his position. With Betty’s uncomely looks and impressive knowledge of finance and marketing, she seems to be the perfect person to aid Armando’s untried management of Eco Moda.


Meanwhile, Patricia is feeling a little insecure seeing that Betty is also being considered for the secretarial position. When Armando later announces that she and Betty are both hired, Patricia is still uneasy because the former tends to look for Betty’s assistance more than hers. As such, she immediately finds a way to get rid of her by making her look bad to Armando. Such a chance occurs when Betty is about to serve coffee inside his office room. Patricia unflinchingly trips Betty, who in turn, sloshes the hot drink to their dashing boss! As a result, Armando gets impatient with Betty, much to Patricia’s delight.


Will Betty survive her rival secretary’s devious schemes to get rid of her? And how will Armando get back to his womanizing ways with bigger responsibilities on his shoulders? Don’t miss more of their misadventures on I Love Betty La Fea, weeknights, after Dyosa on Primetime Bida.

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sirlizard said...

For me, the most interesting part of this episode was the conversation between Daniella and Marcella in which Daniella revealed her resentment regarding something that ruined their mother's life. I couldn't tell if Roberto was the one responsible or if it was Armando. I wonder when those details will come out.

Anonymous said...

bakit hindi pa pinalalabas dito sa san francisco tfc ang betty la fea?

Tosin Emmanuel said...


I am also a fan of Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. I just received your latest posts on Betty La Fea on my mail box.

Have you watched the colombian version?

Check my blog and tell me what you think.

kristine said...

Why aren't they showing Betty La Fea on TFC?? Kainis!

flashmojo said...

re: sirlizard said...
well it's nice to know there's no romantic relationship between Daniella and Armando's father like the scheming marriage plan of Wilhamena Slater in US Ugly Betty...I'm really intrigued what happened between Roberto and Daniella's mom in the past that had triggered her hate for him...

sirlizard said...

I wouldn't rule out a storyline in which Daniella tries to get involved with Roberto. After all, it's not like Wilhelmina ever really loved Bradford. Daniella is certainly capable of trying to marry a man that she doesn't love, or in fact actually hates.

Anonymous said...

When is ABS-CBN going to show I LOVE BETTY LA FEA ON TFC?

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