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Monday, September 8, 2008

I Love Betty La Fea Pilot Episode 1: Betty gets up close with Armando

Betty gets up close with Armando.
Episode 1ISeptember 8, 2008
Source: www.abs-cbn.com

In spite of her excellent scholastic record, fresh grad Beatriz Pengson finds herself still unemployed after getting rejected by countless companies due to her physically-challenged looks alone. Her family’s in a financial fix and hearing her younger brother’s increased tuition fee only increases her worries.

Luckily for her, Eco Moda Manila—one of the prestigious ad agencies in the country—is need for a secretary so she immediately submits her resume in its headquarters. Once there, however, she realizes the odds of getting that job when she sees another sexy applicant, Patricia, vying for the same position.

Her fear suddenly turns into bliss though when she literally bumps into Armando Solis, the newly-appointed President of Eco Moda and also the man of her dreams. She is rendered speechless upon her fall with Armando’s face so close to hers. That encounter has sent her into a-frenzy as she later tells her best friend Nicholas about her desire to work closely with the famed sports enthusiast/corporate executive.

If she only knew that all is not well in Eco Moda then perhaps she’d be a little wary of joining the said company. As it happened, Daniella Valencia is still furious at losing the presidency to Armando, who’s not even half as good as she is in managing the business. The position which should have been hers only went to him because her stubborn sister Marcella favored Armando over her.

In turn, this move of Marcella is merely a ploy to force Armando’s hand in marriage. She immediately announces their engagement during his induction party, much to Armando’s frustration. But since she has actually helped him become the president of his father’s company, Armando is now forced to agree on all her whims.

(Video/Youtube/Screen Shots/Images/Photos/Pictures/Summary/Synopsis/Preview Courtesy of abs-cbn.com)

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Linda said...

Thanks for the synopsis!! I don't really understand tagalog- so this is very helpful. Hopefully there will be more synopsis such as this coming up :-)

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