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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tony Lagarto's International Bettybase Update: I Love Betty La Fea Trivia

Contributed by: Tony Lagarto

Differences between "I Betty la Fea" and most other versions:

  • Daniella Valencia (pronounced "va-LEN-cha") is the second female version of YSBLF's Daniel Valencia, after Wilhelmina Slater of "Ugly Betty".  Coincidentally, back in 1993, when Ruffa Gutierrez represented the Philippines in the Miss World pageant, a notable former Miss America, none other than Vanessa Williams, was one of the judges. During the Q & A portion, the future Wilhelmina asked the future Daniella, "What advice would you give a girl with low self-esteem?" to which Ruffa replied, "I will tell her to believe in herself. As the Little Prince said, 'What is important is invisible to the eye.'
  • In this version, unlike all others, Patricia was not Marcella's friend before she came to work at Ecomoda Manila. Instead of keeping an eye on Armando for Marcella, Patricia was spying for Daniella from day one.
  • In this version, unlike all others, Marcella was the one who tried to manipulate Armando by surprising him with the public announcement of their engagement, which they hadn't discussed beforehand, at his induction celebration. In all other versions, Armando was the one who tried to manipulate Marcella by telling the assembled guests that they were engaged, even though they officially were not.
  • Armando's father was directly responsible for Betty being hired as Armando's secretary, because her appearance would keep Armando from seducing her. This also happened in "Ugly Betty" and "Ne Daj se, Nina".
  • In all other versions, Armando entrusts Betty character with his personal agenda (little black book), but in this adaptation he entrusts Patricia instead.
  • This is the only version in which Armando's mother is dead, but there are a few in which Betty is motherless ("Yo soy Bea", "Ugly Betty", "Sara", "BrzydUla").
  • Betty has a little brother, Andrew, in this version. The only others to have a younger brother are Nina ("Ne Daj se, Nina") and Ula ("BrzydUla").

 Photo Album "Daniella" star Ruffa Gutierrez at Miss World 1993

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