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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yu Hao Ming gets ever first acting role in China's Ugly Betty "Chou Nu Wu Di" (丑女无敌)

The actress to play the role of "Lin Wu Di", their version of our heroine, has not yet been revealed as they will keep her a secret until the premiere of the show that may happen between September and October. However, i recently found out that Yu Hao Ming (俞灏) has joined the cast of Chou Nu Wu Di and will be playing as a famous singer and dancer, very much like the actor. Yu Hao Ming is a mandarin pop singer from Guangzhou, China. Yu Hao Ming was on the singing competition Superboy (快乐男声) AKA Kuai Le Nan Sheng, a popular guys singing competition, and received 6th place. (2007). Based on what I've read on a Yuhaoming website, he will have lots of interaction and scenes with the main female lead.

Photo Album Yu Hao Ming's Behind the Scenes in Chou Nu Wu Di


sirlizard said...

It has been so difficult to find any new information about "Chou Nu Wu Di". It should be premiering soon, though.

Tracy Lu said...

If you havn't read the above blog entry, it has pics and info about yuhaoming's role. He guest stars as a celebrity.

The show has already filmed around 10 episodes, but the female lead is still being kept a mystery.
That website has more info, and pics of some possible female leads.

And a news clip, if you havnt seen it already: http://yuhaoming.webs.com/apps/videos/view/789193-07-30-2008-1st-acting-role-guest-star-on-ugly-betty

OK, hope that helped!

sirlizard said...

That helps a lot. Thanks!

sirlizard said...

According to what I can understand of the translation of the following page, Mao Junjie will be playing Lin Wu Di, the lead character:


sirlizard said...

It's the English translation of this page: http://baike.baidu.com/view/1479283.htm

sirlizard said...

I see now... Mao Junjie is playing Peina, the Patricia role.

Tracy Lu said...

Haha, cool website. Thanks for referencing my website =)

Yes, I'll keep you updated. =]

Everything is still unsure right now. They are keeping it downlow until the premiere I guess. (which should be soon)

The extent of Yu Haoming's role and the storyline is also unclear to me at this moment. He is just a guest star, so I am sure the main focus will be on Ugly WuDi and her antics. I'll let you know when I find out more.

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