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Monday, September 29, 2008

I Love Betty La Fea Episode 16: Betty gets tired of playing Armando’s savior.

Betty gets tired of playing Armando’s savior.
Episode 16ISeptember 29, 2008
Source: www.abs-cbn.com

After Nicholas’s disastrous slip of the tongue, Julian Pengson finally learns that Betty is just a secretary in Eco Moda. Betty explains that she was afraid to tell the truth before because of the high expectations on her. Though Julia assures her that their family will always be proud of her no matter what her job is; she refrains from confiding this piece of news to Hermes just yet. As it is, he has already bragged to the baranggay captain that Betty can help find his son a job at Eco Moda because she has an esteemed position there. Betty can only agree to her father’s wishes than to risk another confrontation soon after the one with her mom.

The next morning, Betty’s bag gets stolen as soon as she left the Pengson house. Luckily, Ramon (the bully) is able to catch the snatcher and retrieve her bag which contains the business plan that she tediously prepared all night. Unknown to her, the whole thing is fabricated so that she will feel indebted to Ramon who in turn wants her to date his newly-arrived cousin from the States. As such, he feels more confident now that he’s going to win the bet he made with his good-for-nothing friends in the neighborhood.

The more crucial part of Betty’s day, however, is facing Armando with her business plan that will surely impress the board and Roberto yet again. But instead of feeling grateful towards her initiative, Armando fails to hear that she was able to make a report because of his fury towards Patricia who did not do a feasibility study. As it happened, all the latter is able to accomplish was a one night stand with Mario, much to her disgust the morning after. But it is still Patricia’s lucky day after all as Daniella gives her first bonus for letting Armando down with her failed assignment.

In the meantime, will Betty really throw her hard work to waste in view of Armando’s ingratitude?

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