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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Betty La Fea Finally Meets the Beautiful Bea Alonzo

There was an episode before in I Love Betty La Fea where Betty was eager to see the 4G endorser Bea Alonzo in person but Hugo didn't permit Betty to go with him to the commercial shooting. Well, not so soon, Betty's dream to meet Bea Alonzo herself finally came true. However that rare encounter never happened in the actual series, as it was just a VTR Promo for 4G antioxidant product shown in ASAP '08, originally known as simply A.S.A.P. (All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party) is a Philippine noontime variety show aired every Sunday.

Here are the other trivia happened in International "Betty La Fea" of the actors who portrayed themselves, have multiple roles in the series, or have crossed over with other Bettys.

  • Mario Duarte (Nicolás Mora) portrayed himself in an episode in Yo soy Betty, la fea
  • In La fea más bella, Sergio Mayer (Luigi Lombardi) portrayed himself in a couple episodes that took place at a performance of "Solo Para Mujeres," a live stage show featuring male celebrities dancing like the men of Chippendales. Eduardo Rodrigues, who would later appear as Galo Rivera in some of the "Vidas de Fuego" scenes on "Ugly Betty," and who would also appear in an episode of LFMB as Aurora's boyfriend Lalo, was a member of the "Solo Para Mujeres" troupe.  
  • Angélica Vale appeared in the first-season finale of "Ugly Betty" as a character named Angélica, who looked exactly like the pre-makeover Lety. In the episode, Betty had to visit her orthodontist's office, where Angélica worked as a dental assistant.
  • In one episode of La fea más bella, Mariana Seoane not only played her character, Carla Santibañez, but she also appear of ed as herself, singing at an event to celebrate the launch of Aldo's gastronomic tourism idea. During Seoane's performance, Carla makes some slightly disparaging remarks about the singer's style to Fernando, then Omar mentions to Fernando that Mariana and Carla look exactly the same.
  •   "Ugly Betty" producer Salma Hayek appears as a maid on the telenovela that the Suarez family watches. Later became Sofia, a popular author of books that help to empower women and recruited Betty to join her company.

  • In "Ugly Betty", Ruthie was the Assistant Editor of MYW magazine, working directly under the publication's Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Reyes. She's played by none other than Becki Newton, known also as Amanda, the Mode receptionist. Becki Newton (Amanda) also played Fey in some early 1980s flashback scenes and still photographs.
  • On July 10, 2008, Angeliki Daliani ("Maria, I Asximi"), Veerle Baetens ("Sara"), and Nyncke Beekhuyzen ("Lotte") appeared at Roma Fiction Fest to participate in a celebration of "Yo soy Betty, la fea" and all of its international incarnations. The event, entitled "Fenomenale Betty", took an in-depth look at the cultural impact of the show's various incarnations and their effect on pop culture worldwide. Fernando Gaitán, creator of the original telenovela also appeared, along with representatives of other versions, such as Marianna Cortes McAllister, who was responsible for adapting Spain's "Yo soy Bea", and Michael Esser, who wrote Germany's "Verliebt in Berlin".  To read details of the event, click here 

Trivia and Images courtesy of Tony Lagarto's International Bettybase

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