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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Grand Sam Concepcion Conference: Success!

On behalf of the Site Team, Elite Samsters, Moderators and Administrators, I would like to thank all of the 95 members who came out to Chat with Sam last July 26, 2008! It was obvious to all that everybody had fun and there were a lot of excitement!

Many came out 2 hours before the Chat officially began. The Admins laid out rules and mostly everyone followed. The technical run was done in a room which was for the Elite Samsters only. There, Tito Ray (Sam’s Dad) tested out their laptop’s microphone and web cam so that it would smoothly work during the Chat session. We had troubles with the web cam but it was eventually fixed. Soon after, more Samsters logged on and the Chat began at 3:00 pm sharp.

The Admins made a room named, “Grand Confe w/ Sam”. Soon, everybody joined in the room. When Sam appeared on the webcam, his account was still in the Lobby, so many may have thought that he was delayed. Soon after, Sam and his dad’s account joined in the said room and the excitement doubled.

Many Samsters also had their Audios and Videos on which was clearly stated on the Rules & Regulations that it was only Sam who would use those. This caused feedback on Sam’s part. Eventually, Sam’s internet connection disconnected causing the Samsters to hang on tight until he came back. The disconnection happened twice. We should all learn that the disobedience of rules will not only affect the others, but Sam as well which will cost for everybody’s satisfaction. Because of the disconnection, the Chat session was extended for 30 minutes on Sam’s request.

A few rules were broken but it was a great experience overall! Most replies were not acknowledged because of the speed of the Chat. Everyone was typing at the same time! This caused confusion for Sam so what the Elite Samsters have done was that they took questions that were sensibly fun and retyped them in bold, red font so that Sam will get to answer them. Yes, he only answered questions that were safe and appropriate. Do not be disappointed if your question was not acknowledged.

We hope that you all enjoyed the Chat session! Sam and his family enjoyed it as well, which brings another Chat session around next month if possible! Thank you to those who obeyed the rules - you guys really made it fun! Special recognition goes to member, POL, who helped with the reminder of the rules.

We hope to see you next time, Samster!

Discuss it here!

Watch The Video Conference

P.S. Your truly "flashmojo"(moderator) also joined the conference and also had a hard time to catch Sam's attention for my few Betty La Fea questions due to flooding of the text on screen. It's almost a tsunami as the chat is scrolling too fast, by the time you press send your message will be lost in a blink of an eye! However, I would like to thank the Samster admins for helping me reach my few relevant questions to Sam. Here are some info Sam shared:
  • His local celebrity crush is nikki gil
  • Fan of foreign singers jojo, gwen stefani
  • Auditioned for the role of Andrew in Betty La Fea, Underwent Screening
  • Andrew is a brother of Betty and totally different from US Ugly Betty's nephew Justine, Andrew is a bit spanky and obessed with reality shows; and not with latest fashion trend or has queer preference

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loi said...

hey thanks again for posting this here! naaliw naman ako. hehe. :)

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