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Friday, August 1, 2008

ABS-CBN.com Exclusive: I Love Betty La Fea’s Eco Moda Manila opens its doors

By Rachelle Siazon
Source: www.ABS-CBN.com

ABS-CBN has unveiled the set of what will be the headquarters of posh advertising agency Eco Moda, one of the major settings in I Love Betty La Fea. An "office blessing" was held yesterday, August 1, wherein selected guests were able to take a glimpse of the luxurious interiors of Eco Moda Manila. I Love Betty La Fea stars Bea Alonzo and Ruffa Gutierrez and ABS-CBN SVP for Entertainment Cory Vidanes led the ribbon cutting that was followed by a tour of the office premises.

Dressed in a stylish black ensemble, Ruffa proudly showed off her office to mom Annabelle Rama. The stunning actress was obviously thrilled with her character Daniela’s fully furnished digs, which already has some framed pictures of her. Since the actor playing Armando—the show’s male lead character—has yet to be identified, there were still no signs of who he was in his room. Bea—who specifically donned Betty’s nerdy outfit for the occasion—was also excited to work on the Eco Moda set, even if her first office is supposed to be a crowded stock room. Joining Ruffa and Bea on the tour were other cast members like Meryll Soriano, Wendy Valdez, Sheryn Regis, and Ronnie Liang.

The people behind the series like Business Unit Head Deo Endrinal, Ad Promo Head Biboy Arboleda, and directors Erick Salud and Don Cuaresma were proud to see that guests were awestruck by the lavish pink, aqua, and lime colored interiors. The spacious office set was also furnished with state-of-the-art computers, huge flat-screen TVs, and custom-made furniture (courtesy of Dreamweaver Inc.) to achieve the fresh, modern, and upscale look that they wanted for the show, which happens to be ABS-CBN’s biggest franchise to date.

Production Designer Chris Ecker de Guzman stressed why having a believable and stylish Eco Moda set is crucial for I Love Betty La Fea. "If you’re familiar with the story, 70% of [it] happens in the office. And it’s hard to find an advertising agency which would cater to the look that we [wanted]. So why not construct a set na makukuha yung gusto nating look and hindi pa tayo pagbabawalan kung anong oras lang tayo pwedeng mag-shoot?" The money spent for the construction was well worth it since Eco Moda will be where most of the action takes place.

Catch the glamorous world of I Love Betty La Fea soon on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. Check ABS-CBN.com for more updates on the show and the much-awaited announcement of who will play the role of the elusive Armando.

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