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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Piolo Pascual is Armando Mendoza in I Love Betty La Fea!

Brace yourselves...Piolo Pascual will be Ecomoda's boss and love interest of Betty! Well..that is based on I Love Betty La Fea IMDB listing at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1256514/. I think he'll most-likely play Armando as Ruffa Gutierrez has already given lots of teases during her recent interviews on who she favors to work with. Want some bet? I'll give out Bea Alonzo's CDs to everybody if i'm wrong...ah ah ahhh..just pulling your legs!

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fayebettina said...

are you sure? Is it final? My first bet is really John Lloyd Cruz. But, since Armando will also be Daniella's boyfriend, mas bagay nga si Piolo kay Ruffa, and bagay din kay Bea. It's okay with me kung si Piolo ang maging Armando kung hindi talaga pwede si JLC. Hawig yata siya ng hubby ko. Pero sana siya na nga talaga. Nakakabitin na sobra!

weezer17 said...

no. that's just a fan thing.
'cause you can edit anything in imdb.
it's like wikipedia.
just put whatever you want.

so until there is no formal announcement,
i guess there is still no one to play armando.

snowmane said...

piolo? i was thinking of jon avila...

Anonymous said...

They should get someone who's as old as Ruffa actually... Mind you that they still look good...

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