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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Set of "I Love Betty La Fea", a first in Philippine television

Source: abs-cbnNEWS.com

The TV series may not be showing on television yet, but “I Love Betty la Fea" is already the talk of the town - from the announcement of who will play Betty and the series' other characters, to when the cameras first started rolling for the show. Now, it's the show's set that's hogging the headlines.

The 11th floor of the ELJ Building within the ABS-CBN Compound recently had a blessing, as the whole floor was transformed into the main studio of “I Love Betty la Fea”, set of the advertising agency where the characters Betty (Bea Alonzo) and Daniella (Ruffa Gutierrez) work.

Last week, the studio named Eco Moda Manila was officially opened with some of the cast members who came in character - Alonzo, Gutierrez, Meryll Soriano, Wendy Valdez, Sheryn Regis, Ronnie Liang and the other secretaries of Eco Moda.

“Almost 70% of the scenes will be shot in the studio,” according to Business Unit Head Deo Endrinal.

“Everything is centralized here so that the stars will be comfortable and production will be more efficient,” he said.

Eco Moda Manila is fully-furnished and equipped with brightly colored mini-offices, a large boardroom, an office of the president and Daniella’s office. Every room is individually designed and reflects who will be staying in that particular area.

Armando’s office is very manly while Daniella’s office has photos of her all over the place.

A former advertising employee even commented, “Wow, it really looks like an advertising agency!”

Not only does it look like an office, the studio is also functional, from the computers to the phones.

Watch out for the preview of Eco Moda in the coming premiere of “I Love Betty la Fea” on ABS-CBN.

For updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.com and http://ilovebettylafea.multiply.com

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Courtesy of http://news.abs-cbn.com/entertainment

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Jenn said...

Coool. Just saw this on Philippines News Vote. I really can't wait to see this show. Thanks for the article. :)

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