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Monday, September 15, 2008

I Love Betty La Fea Episode 6: Mario pulls a prank on Betty.

Mario pulls a prank on Betty.
Episode 6ISeptember 15, 2008
Source: www.abs-cbn.com

Having Betty around has raised disgust among the higher ups in Eco Moda including Daniella, Mario, and Hugo. In fact, the latter has strategically placed towering plants beside Betty’s desk to hide her from the visitors’ view. Apparently, a potential client has backed out after seeing Betty’s hideous face. In the same vein, Mario wants to get rid of Betty fast for he is also repulsed by her looks. He then enlists Kylie’s (his secretary) help to formulate a “beauty product” composed of sunblock and a liberal amount of paint.


Later on, he presents his brilliant idea to Armando who had previously complained of Betty’s nosiness. His attitude towards her has changed since then, however, for she proves to be a loyal employee after all. Mario is not convinced though so he excitedly shares his devious plan to Hugo. The catty creative director immediately persuades Betty to try the product on her face for the company’s product testing. Though reluctant at first, Betty proceeds to dab some of the sunblock on her face.


By the time Armando convinces Mario to stop his foolish ideas about Betty, it’s already too late. The fake product has been used and Betty is panic-stricken for the paint has reached her eyes. What hurts her more though is the fact that Armando seems to be aware of the prank but didn’t do anything to stop Mario and Hugo. Armando however swears that he has nothing to do with it and that he doesn’t intend to make her suffer when he let her stay in Eco Moda the previous day.


Much later, Betty is about to get rid of the paint smudge on her face when Hugo suddenly approaches her with a safe paint remover. This is his way of saying sorry to Betty after a serious talk with Armando. Mario on the other hand is still coming to terms with Armando’s reprimand for him to apologize to Betty. Hm… Has Armando developed a soft spot for poor Betty?

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