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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Love Betty La Fea Episode 5: Armando misunderstands Betty’s guilt.

Armando misunderstands Betty’s guilt.
Episode 5ISeptember 12, 2008
Source: www.abs-cbn.com

The next day, Armando recalls Betty hovering in his office while he is discussing personal matters with Patricia. As such, he immediately calls her to his office for a serious tongue-lashing. His fury overcomes his reason, leaving Betty without a chance to explain her side of the story. Worse, her guilty apologies merely strengthen Armando’s resolve that she is the one who had gossiped about his late-night partying to Daniella.


Little did he know that Betty is referring to Daniella’s accident due to her clumsiness the night before. For truth be told, he has Betty to thank for delaying (however unintentional) Daniella and Marcella’s trip to the bar where he crossed paths with Cristina. Their misunderstanding is quickly fixed, however, when Armando later learns about the paint incident. So an hour after firing her, Armando tells Betty that she can still have her position, much to Patricia’s irritation.


Much later, Betty finally warms up with her kind-hearted colleagues as she takes her lunch with them. She then leaves them for a while to pay for her family’s electric bill at long last. But as soon as she returns from her personal errand, she disastrously bumps into the snooty Daniella Valencia again. How will Betty be in good terms with Daniella if she keeps on making a spectacle of herself?

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