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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Love Betty La Fea Episode 18: Betty ends up helping Armando again.

Betty ends up helping Armando again.
Episode 18IOctober 1, 2008
Source: www.abs-cbn.com

All hell breaks loose when Hermes thoughtlessly hits Armando several times after seeing her daughter on her boxer shorts. Marcella tries to get hold of the situation but Hermes has already lost all reason. Though in truth, he’s just being protective towards his daughter Betty. Marcella on the other hand is enraged by the fact that Betty’s father seems to think that Armando would try to rape someone like Betty. And when she shared the whole sordid scenario to Roberto, Armando is forced to fire his efficient secretary right there and then.

Soon after that, Armando begins to preside the board meeting to discuss his expansion plans. Unfortunately, Daniella is quick to oppose his idea to put up a production house, saying that it would only be financially disastrous for the company. When Armando insists for them to take risks this time around, Roberto points out that he doesn’t even have a feasibility to back his proposal. The board would have vetoed his business plan by then if not for Betty’s unexpected interruption. For just when she’s about to leave the premises, she generously offers her “Plan B” to Armando.

Will she still get fired despite the fact that she’s obviously a great asset to Armando?

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